Worthing Bus Gathering and Running Day

Pictures from the 2003 event

This year at Worthing it turned out to be LONDON YEAR!

With the full co-operation of Transport for London (TfL) and Arriva serving London, together with London's Transport Museum, two gold liveried buses from London arrived in Worthing. They were garaged overnight in the Stagecoach Garage and on the day seemed to be the stars of the show.

The older of the two gold buses is, of course, RT4712 which is the official London's Transport Museum representative of the 5000 strong fleet of RT types which served London from the 1940s up to the withdrawel of the last examples at Barking in 1979.

The second was RM6 (VLT6) which is, in fact, only a few years younger than the RT although the development in technology had resulted in a far more sophisticated design.

Both buses are in the stewardship of the Arriva company and currently carry Arriva fleetnames and insignia. Special blinds were made for the event, as illustrated here. They operated a special service, numbered 50, between the rally and Brooklands Park.

Blue Triangle brought their open top RT, RT3435 (LYR854). As with all open top buses this proved popular with the public and operated several trips. The bus helped out on the special service 50 despite being blinded up for the 12!

Both these Routemasters are privatelyowned. RM2116 and RMC1476 provide the opportunity to compare and contrast the differences between the bus and Green Line Coach versions of the baisc RM design.

London General NV185 (R385LGH) is a Northern Counties Palatine bodied Volvo Olympian, a type already being ousted from front-line service in London by the latest low-floor buses which are specified for all new TfL contracts.

NV176 (R376LGH) from the same batch has already been converted to permanent open top configuration. A proper job has been done with the conversion and the red and white livery certainly looks smart.

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Gerry Cork - August 2003
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